CAWD-351 Sakai Rino's first film

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CAWD-351 This 167cm Tall. Perfectly Proportioned Girl Was Interested In Porn And Made Her AV Debut. Rino Sakai is a pretty cute girl, with smooth, flawless white skin and a fairly balanced body with measurements of 80-57-87, perfect for a jav actress, as the title says. This is her first sex movie, like other debut movies, the opening of the movie will be her interview scene and body check, then she will be exposed by the curly haired guy, which is actually me. I'm so jealous of this guy, guys, he can only fuck debutante girls. Next, you will be able to play with a sextoy, a buscu and finally have your body massaged. PS: This baby moans quite well, guys, her cute young voice sounds quite stimulating, if you like babies, you shouldn't miss it.

CAWD-351 Sakai Rino's first film

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